Where it all started

Where it all started

When I was nine years old, I discovered the power of positive affirmations and the impact that a few kind words can have on someone's day. One day, after witnessing my mother's frustration with a dilemma unknown to me, I decided to write her a little note on a post-it with a message of encouragement. I wrote something along the lines of "smile one mile" and “it will get better” and placed the note on her desk.

The moment she saw the post-it, her face lit up with a smile, and I knew that I had made a positive impact on her day. It felt incredible to know that my words had the power to lift someone's spirits and brighten their day.

From that day on, I started to make it a habit to write positive affirmations on post-its and distribute them to anyone around me who seemed to be having a difficult day. It wasn't just my parents who received these notes - I gave them to friends, family members, and even my teachers.

Sometimes, I would draw little pictures or decorate the notes with stickers to make them more visually appealing. Other times, I would write longer messages to express my support and admiration for the recipient.

As I grew older, my handwriting became steadier, but my love for creating positive post-it notes remained the same. It became a part of who I am, and I always try to find ways to spread kindness and positivity in the world, whether it be through a post-it note or a simple act of kindness.

In today's fast-paced and demanding world, it's easy to become overwhelmed and feel like we're constantly struggling to keep up. Through all everything, taking care of your mental health and feeling your best can be difficult. And I realised through my friends and responses on this page that a little reminder can go a long way.

The messages in these reminders are inspired by things I think someone around me, or I, need to hear in the moment. I hope to make them heartfelt enough to resonate with you when you need it, so that maybe, one of these reminders can be there for you when its hard for you to be there for yourself.

Sometimes, we all need a little reminder that we're not alone, that we're strong, and that we're capable of overcoming whatever challenges life throws our way. These reminders are meant to be that reminder. They are there to offer support when you need it most, to uplift you when you feel like you can't do it for yourself.

With love,
Reminders Atelier

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